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The Band of Kelleys isn't your ordinary family band. They have shared the stage with the most prestigous names in bluegrass, delvering a show with unprecedented personality and musicality that is rare to find in just one family.   
This family is quickly rising in the world of bluegrass, recently nominated as one of the top ten youth bands selected internationally to perform at IBMA's World of Bluegrass in Raleigh NC. This family has been holding crowds captivated with performance and delivery of original material, as well fresh takes on old standards. Each performance is built by electic energy and passion with soaring vocals and harmony lines. The Band of Kelleys hopes to bring this rare acoustic vitality to a place near you, fueled by the passion that ignites songs they write and sing.    The band is versatile and can deliver, traditional, progressive or full gospel sets.

They are winners of the 2015 Jeff and Sheri Easter Talent Competition, four time winners of the Georgia-South Carolina State Talent Competition 2nd place Georgia State Fiddle Champion, and placed 3rd in the Atkins & Loudermilk Band Competition. 
The story behind the group:  

The three siblings began playing music together for fun around the age of four. They never dreamed they would become a traveling band on the cutting edge of the music industry.  They are fuled by a divine passion that is rooted deep in not only their lives, but in the spirit and delivery of their music. This unfurls into the kind of performance that leaves deep impressions on the hearts and minds of people, and keeps them coming back for more. 


                                      Bass (DI input)
                                        (1 vocal mic for bass player to sing)

(1 Vocal mic, 1 instrument mic)          (1 Vocal mic, 1 instrument mic)         (1 Vocal mic 1 instrument mic)                        


Tech Requirments: 

Depending on the needs of the venue, we can provide our own full proffessional sound equipment, microphones and setup upon request.   

If not,  the house engineer at the event will be responsible for the house mix at all times, with cabinets containing sufficient power to be free of audible distortion. 

Awards and Recognition: 

~ 1st Place 2015 Jeff and Sheri Easter Talent Competition

~ AMG Heritage Awards nominated "New Artist of the Year"

~ 2nd Place Georgia State Fiddle Champion

~ Four Time Georgia-Carolina Talent Competition winners.

~ 3rd place Adkins & Loudermilk Bluegrass Band Competition 

~ Top ten internationally selected youth band to perform at IBMA World of Bluegrass in 2016. 


What others say:

"Keep an eye on this bunch. They are doing something unique and worthwhile, and Victoria Kelley has a star quality about her."

-John Lawless - Bluegrass Today

These guys are extremely talented, you need to check these guys out! - IBMA Entertainer of the Year, Balsam Range 

Congratulations Bethany Kelley and fellow musicians for a wonderful performance! - Mark O Conner 


"I am a fan of this family band, great talent. I love the music you all play your future in my opinion will go far as you want it to pick on!!!"

-Jeff Parker - Mandolin Player for Dailey and Vincent

"They are great musicians and work as any professional musician I know. They play bluegrass, for heaven's sake ... you know they are great players!! Timothy is a great young man ... and I say that with all the feels on the word "great"! He's smart, super-talented, kind and driven."

 -Diane Sheets - Vocal Coach


 We were there on the 5th row. I enjoyed you guys as much as Dailey and Vincent!! No kidding!! - Renee Pendergrass 

We drove 2 hours to see you for the 2nd show. Great concert! Enjoyed speaking with you after the show.  
We watched you last summer playing on the porch during the Ga Mtn Fair and were so impressed with your talented family.
It's refreshing to see young people succeed while playing traditional music, expressing Christian faith, and dressing in a classy manner. 
We wish you much success!
 - Diane Cooper 

Amazing show! Natural, fun entertainers. Heartfelt stories. Incredible voices. Amazing with many stringed instruments.
Delightful and captivating show. My first time seeing these young musicians, but definitely not my last!
- JoAnn Tab Canada 

I am amazed at how they are able to capture the attention of the audience with solid entertainment numbers accompanied by various musical instruments on an upbeat, toe-tapping number and yet be able to touch on the hearts of people with a slower, more heartfelt songs -Rick Busby of the Florida Boys

There isn't a strong enough accolade to describe the talent of this family. We just saw/heard them for the first time this afternoon at the Hayesville Festival and they were awesome, just awesome. And yes, of course we bought their CD; can't wait to buy their next one! - Mike from Hayesville, GA 

The Band Kelley totally blew my socks off at Bible Fellowship Church last night! - Frank from Martinez, GA 

 What a great job in Guyton Ga, I felt like stars were being born. -Harold from Guyton, GA 

 The Kelly Family is an awesome band, that is headed for the top in the music world!! In spite of their talent, they are very humble people, and I'm just going to enjoy watching their rise to the top!!  - Wade from Augusta, GA

I'm a 40 year plus musician, and I could listen to these kids all night!!! - Mark from FL 

Just the beginning....talked with your Folks at Dollywood while you guys were playing. very impressed with your talent and your presence. Nancy and I are looking forward to watching you guys grow in your music and in your "walk". - Jeff Holt 

That's wonderful. I've seen and heard you all and you are fabulous so I'm not surprised that you're going to the Grand Old Opry some day -Kim Cash  

Well all I can say is WOW!! My husband and I were there this past week at Anderson Hall and you made me clap, stand, cry, and holler! Did I mention standing ovation?!! - Frances Inez Drew  

The most amazing music with voices like angels The Band of Kelleys are truly a gift from God they are one of the the best shows - Guy Raeligh